European Costume: 4000 Years of Fashion

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Author Doreen Yarwood

Publisher Bonanza Books Distributed by Crown 1982 Edition

Binding Hardcover with Dustjacket

Condition Very Fine


Table of Contents:

  • The Classical world: Greece and Rome 1700 BC to AD 1300 —
  • The dress of non-Classical Europe 10,000 BC to AD 1340 —
  • The later Middle Ages and the debut of the Renaissance 1340-1465 —
  • Spread of the Renaissance 1465-1540 —
  • The dominance of Spain 1540-1620 —
  • Baroque elegance 1620-1700 —
  • The eighteenth century: Rococo grace —
  • The nineteenth century: Internationalism —
  • The modern world: 1900-1975.

About the author: Doreen Yarwood is a historian and writer that focuses on architectural and fashion history in Europe. She travels around the world to give lectures about her work and research fashion trends from prehistoric times up until the present day.

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