Erase: Tom DeWeese

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ERASE is a searing glimpse into the near future of an America being destroyed from within. A teacher, a businessman, a preacher, a political activist, and a homeless man all learn the frightening truth about a secret, powerful force plotting to bring it about. Can they stop it before it’s too late? The answer can be found in a hidden document. As they race against time to find it, some make the ultimate sacrifice.-- 


I think ERASE maybe the most important political novel since 1984, Atlas Shrugged, Brave New World, and State of Fear." Jay Lehr, Ph.D. The Heartland Institute \n
Must-Read Book: Tom DeWeese's ERASE Like Atlas Shrugged and the Left Behind series Tom DeWeese's ERASE presents a fictional path through a dystopian future. However, in ERASE every single policy presented in the book, from the use of technology to change our culture; to the use of the public school classrooms to eliminate true knowledge; to the destruction of Christianity in a drive to meld all religions into one powerful tool for government, is all true and happening at this very moment. Richard Viguerie's Conservative Headquarters

About the Author

Tom DeWeese passionately believes in the rights of the individual over a powerful, tyrannical, collective society, and is also the author of the non-fiction policy book "Now Tell Me I Was Wrong." To promote his strongly held philosophy of free enterprise, national sovereignty, and limited government, he travels extensively across the nation speaking out as a passionate advocate of private property rights, personal privacy protection, and opposition to government education policy. Recognized internationally as an expert in these fields, Tom DeWeese has been quoted in such national publications as the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal while making regular appearances on a large list of national and local radio and television programs including Fox News

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