Eastern Systems for Western Astrologers

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Author: Anthology

An anthology of authors with an Introduction by Thomas Moore


Eastern astrology has been gaining popularity ever since the astrological community started to re-explore classical astrology. Where astrology fell into disfavor in Western circles and was only used for medical reasons after the papal bull issued in the early 1600s, it did not suffer that fate in India and China. For centuries, astrology has been used and highly respected in the East by the rich and poor alike. Why? Because it works. The astrology used in the East is very different than the systems used here in the West. To introduce contemporary astrologers to the modern value of these ancient traditions, this anthology provides a collection of outstanding essays by eight leading astrologers.

  • Thomas Moore, the well-known author of Care of the Soul and Soul Mates, introduces this work with "the Astrological Vision,"
  • followed by: Astrology & The Chakras by Ray Grasse
  • The Degrees of the Zodiac & the I Ching by Robin Armstrong
  • Chinese Five-Element (Tzu P'ing) Astrology by Bill Watson
  • Tibetan Astrology by Michael Erlewine
  • The Humanism of Vedic Astrology by Hart deFouw
  • The Easter Moon through Western Eyes by Dennis Flaherty
  • Prediction East by James Braha
  • Life & Death East & West by Richard Houch
  • The authors' diverse backgrounds bring a wealth of experience to this collection: Robin Armstrong is an astrological consultant and teacher, and author of Windows-based astrology program Stars in Sight;
  • James Braha is the author of Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer, and How to Predict Your Future: Secrets of Easter and Western Astrology;
  • Hard deFouw is co-author with Dr. Robert E. Svoboda of Light on Life: An Introduction to the Astrology of India;
  • Michael Erlewine, founder of Matrix, is the author of The Sun is Shining and The Manual of Computer Programming for Astrologers;
  • Dennis Flaherty is the author of Mythic Measurements of the Moon's Nodes," published in the anthology Astrology's Special Measurements;
  • Ray Grasse is the author of The Waking Dream;
  • Richard Houck is the author of The Astrology of Death;
  • and Bill Watson has published numerous articles in both Chinese and English on business forecasting and management.

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