Do Dead People Watch You Shower

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Author Concetta Bertoldi

Publisher MJF in cooperation with Harper Collins 2008

Binding Hardcover

Condition Like New Protected with brodart archival covering


Do Dead People Watch You Shower?" is an intriguing exploration of paranormal phenomena and the afterlife. Written by self-professed paranormal investigator and bestselling author Concetta Bertoldi, this book delves into questions about what happens after we die and whether our deceased loved ones continue to watch over us.

Through a blend of personal anecdotes, psychic insights, and scientific research, Bertoldi offers comforting and enlightening perspectives on the mysteries of death and the spirit world. She discusses topics such as communicating with spirits, signs from the afterlife, and the idea of guardian angels.

This book provides readers with thought-provoking insights and practical advice for connecting with the spiritual realm and finding solace in the belief that our departed loved ones are still present in our lives. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, "Do Dead People Watch You Shower?" offers a fascinating journey into the unknown and encourages readers to contemplate life, death, and the connections that endure beyond the physical realm.

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