The Gurus' Guide to Serenity: A Me-Time Menu of Celebrity Stress Reducers

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The Gurus' Guide to Serenity: A Me-Time Menu of Celebrity Stress Reducers

Format: Hardcover

Condition: new

Publisher William Morrow First Edition

Author: Laurel and Sharon House


An indispensable guide to creating ଥ timeߩn your life, revealed by celebrities' favourite gurus. From fitness to meditation to skin care, for the first time here are the secrets behind the gurus' wisdom for happier, better living

The mid–life crisis, the career crisis, the relationship crisis – everything nowadays seems to be a crisis. We are in a time of fast–paced overachieving, leaving us too overwhelmed, overstressed and overextended to enjoy the simplest details that make us truly happy. Cooking, baths, facials, painting, planting, and deep breathing are overlooked, yet they may very well be the saviours of our sanity. Celebrities have the means to find these pleasures, though – Marisa Tomei has her yoga and her guru Sat Jivan, and Salma Hayek is invigorated by regular reflexology massages. But what do you do to save your sanity? In this accessible, fully illustrated guide, you can learn the celebrities߳ecrets to finding ଥ time, told by the gurus who encourage them to take respite from the insanity of daily living. Learn Susan Lucci's perfect bath remedy; Goldie Hawn's favourite way to meditate; Christie Brinkley's secrets to gardening; and Shannon Elizabeth's beautiful feng shui house.

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