Black Walls Turn Gray: A Veteran's Novel of War and Recovery

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Format: Paperback

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Author: Brad Jones


Black Walls Turn Gray by combat veteran Brad Jones is a novel about the consequences of modern warfare and the struggles that soldiers face when readjusting to civilian life. Young, fit, and from a military family, Corporal Quince Magowan sees serving his country as his patriotic duty. Unfortunately, fighting in his generation's war proves to be more than just a physical battle. With the enemy blending into both the shadows and the crowds in Afghanistan, Quince and his fellow Marines never have a warning of when or where the danger will appear.

When he returns home to his wife and young daughter, Quince finds that he has lost more than his sense of security. Though he is healthy by all appearances, darkness has trapped him in a painful prison, and he doesn't believe that anyone can understand his mental anguish. He is reluctant to admit to his struggles, but his tough yet compassionate father (who is a veteran of the Vietnam War) persuades him to seek treatment at the Lexington VA hospital, where doctors tell him he has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Quince finds that the path to healing is complicated and difficult, but is supported through this journey by those he loves.

This is a compelling story of filial and romantic love, of friendship, duty and heroism, and of America's challenges in treating its veterans for the invisible wounds of modern warfare. Author and Afghanistan veteran Brad Jones brings this great American dilemma home in 
Black Walls Turn Gray, his first published novel.

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