Behind the scenes at Downton Abbey-hardcover

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Gain unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Downton Abbey in this official Season 4 tie-in book, complete with never-before-seen photos giving fans insight into the making of the runaway hit.

Expertly crafted with generous inside knowledge and facts, this book will delve into the inspiration behind the details seen on screen, the choice of locations, the music and much more. Step inside the props cupboard or the hair and make-up truck and catch a glimpse of the secret backstage world. In-depth interviews and exclusive photos give insight into the actors' experiences on set as well as the celebrated creative team behind the award-winning drama. Straight from the director's chair, this is the inside track on all aspects of the making of the show.


[the official backstage pass to the set, the actors, and the drama]

If you are primarily interested in the TV production of Downton Abbey--the hair and makeup, making the costumes, quotes from actors and crew-- this book is for you. It includes information about set construction, making costumes, where the various shooting locations are, etc. However, if you are very much interested in the house, and were looking for information about the house, pictures of the rooms, and interviews with the real owners of Highclere Castle, this is not the place to find that. There is nothing about the history of the house and no comments from the Earl and Countess about having their home used as a TV location.

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