Be Honest--You're Not That Into Him Either: Raise Your Standards and Reach for the Love You Deserve Hardcover –

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Avoid the booty call blues and get the love -- and sex -- you deserve!

Come on. Admit it. He may not be that into you, but were you ever really that into him? He was never "the one," but you lowered your standards and dated him in the meantime. Why? For any number of reasons: you were lonely, you were horny, you thought dating him was better than being alone, all your friends are getting married -- you name it. And before you knew it, you got hung up on the jerk. Go figure.

The world is full of sensational women, but in today's market, there are too few good men to go around (or so it appears). Now Dr. Ian Kerner, clinical sexologist and author of the smash hit She Comes First, explores the battlefield of sex, hook ups, go-nowhere relationships, and the dismal dating treadmill, simultaneously arming women with a sharper set of insights and the tools for change. With humor and sincerity, Kerner shows women how to break the cycle of dating defeat and use the power of sex to find love, "with a great guy who is into you." So raise your standards -- and reach for the love you deserve!--


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Hot on the heels of the bestseller He's Just Not That Into You comes this funny, forthright response from author and sex therapist Kerner. The author of the sex guide She Comes First and the "dating doctor" for Lifetime TV, Kerner takes up the cause of "Sex and the City" women everywhere, urging ladies to dump the "in-the-meantime" men and raise their standards on the husband hunt. Kerner's book will appeal to the chick-lit audience, with his sassy quizzes and blunt language, as when he writes that women settle on a mediocre boyfriend because "they like having their egos and (and lower parts) stroked." How unfortunate, then, that Kern's logic is often so sloppy. Can it really always be true, as he writes, that being married "is harder than being single, even in the best of circumstances" or that "If women were really disposed to have sex like men, they'd be greater consumers of porn and prostitution"? The book equivocates in trying to promote sexual freedom while encouraging emotional responsibility, and all the laugh lines don't quite hide the fact that the entire book's wisdom is essentially contained in the subtitle. A final chapter, written jointly by Kerner and his wife, does stand out for its personality and wit. Here's hoping they team up for a whole book next time. Meanwhile, this one's sure to do brisk business among singletons.

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