Baseball Artistry

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This book is written and illustrated for everyone who loves, plays or coaches the game of baseball. My unique artistry of the game beauty and elegance can be enjoyed by all. Written by an artist, active player and experienced coach. The ideas behind this book come from experiences, passion and is designed to help make the game fun for the kids and more enjoyable for parents and coaches by adding a unique artistic twist. This book is baseball through the eyes of a true baseball artist.


The title "Baseball Aristry" leads you to expect an art book on baseball. What you don't expect is a revelation of the inner workings of the game from a coach, parent, artist, writer, poet ... but most of all, a baseball player. De Lara's art brings to life the drama of: sliding into 2nd base on a double play as the shortstop leaps above to make the throw to first; the anxiety of waiting on-deck for your turn to bat; crashing of bodies as a runner attempts to power past a catcher's defensive stance. This book is like playing the game without the grass stains.

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