Aristophanes Three comedies

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Author Aristophanes  Edited by William Arrowsmith and Douglass Parker

Publisher University of Michigan Press (June 15, 1969)

Binding Paperback

Condition Like new with age tanning


Aristophanes' "Three Comedies" (1969 edition) brings together three of the most acclaimed plays by the ancient Greek playwright, offering a vivid glimpse into the political and social satire of classical Athens. The collection includes "The Clouds," "The Birds," and "The Wasps."

"The Clouds" is a critique of contemporary Athenian philosophy and education, particularly targeting Socrates and the Sophists. It tells the story of Strepsiades, an indebted farmer who enrolls in Socrates' Thinkery to learn deceitful tactics to avoid paying his debts, only to have his plans backfire.

"The Birds" follows the escapades of two Athenians, Peisthetaerus and Euelpides, who flee their city and persuade the birds to build a utopian city in the sky, challenging the gods themselves. This play is a whimsical commentary on human ambition and the folly of utopian ideals.

"The Wasps" satirizes the Athenian legal system through the story of Philocleon, an elderly man obsessed with serving as a juror. His son, Bdelycleon, attempts to cure him of his addiction to the law courts by setting up a mock trial at home, highlighting the absurdities and corruptions of the judicial process.

Together, these comedies showcase Aristophanes' mastery of satire, blending sharp political critique with bawdy humor and imaginative scenarios, reflecting the concerns and cultural dynamics of ancient Greece.



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