Adult Children of Alcoholics Remember- Hardcover

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Format: Hardcover

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Author: E Nelson Hayes


Adult children of alcoholics describe how alcohol affected their lives, and discusses the emotional problems caused by their parents' drinking.


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From Publishers Weekly

Hayes, a one-time professor, here collects reminiscences from 17 other adult children of alcoholics (ACOAs) who represent a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, and occupations and like himself, write of their lives and anger against parental influences. Most note that they suffer from low self-esteem and fears of many kinds, including fear of rejection, which inhibits their ability to form intimate relationships. While some members of ACOA are moderate drinkers or abstainers, 50%, according to Hayes, are themselves alcoholics, but whether from social reasons or genetic tendencies to addiction is not known. Hayes and the other ACOAs included here offer few concrete steps to recovery from alcoholism aside from membership in ACOA which, they agree, enabled them to strengthen their acceptance of self and responsibility for their behavior. These poignant tales will prove supportive to others similarly afflicted.

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