Tuning-In: The Art of Mindful Communicating

Deborah Herman

From the author:

In these pages you will cultivate your tri-fold capacities for 1. greater mindfulness, 2. for truly tuning in to other people, and 3. for sensing what’s called for in a given communication moment and doing it.

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Last night I finished reading all the rest of this lovely book. After each short chapter, rich with wisdom and love, I just kept being moved by Ron Gordons life path as poet, philosopher, educator, and person-centered practitioner. May this book soon be in many peoples hands and homes and in classrooms and therapists offices. Had Carl Rogers known Ron, I imagine he would rest well knowing what Ron has done with his work, and beyond. Gay Swenson Barfield, Ph.D., along with Dr. Carl Rogers, was founding co-director of the Carl Rogers Institute for Peace at the Center for Studies of the Person, La Jolla, California. She is currently in private practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. This book is absolutely great! Im thoroughly enjoying and benefiting from this brilliant book in countless ways. Bravo! This book will deepen and enrich your life. Noelie Rodriguez, Ph.D., is co-author of Systematic Self-Observation [SAGE Publications] and Professor of Sociology at the HCC campus of the University of Hawaii.


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