The Book of Guys: Stories- Garrison Keillor-paperback

Deborah Herman

“Guys are in trouble these days,” says Garrison Keillor. “Years ago, manhood was an opportunity for achievement and now it’s just a problem to be overcome. Guys who once might have painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling are now just trying to be Mr. O.K. All-Rite, the man who can bake a cherry pie, be passionate in a skillful way, and yet also lift them bales and tote that barge.”
This brilliant collection confirms Keillor’s reputation as an ingenious storyteller and a very funny guy.

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Now available in paperback, Garrison Keillor’s The Book of Guys spent nine weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. The beloved author of five previous bestsellers, including Lake Wobegon Days delivers a hilarious collection of 22 stories about all kinds of guys.


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