Taken A Novel by Thomas H. Cook

Deborah Herman

This epic novel spans sixty years of American history as the lives of three people are changed in an instant—and the consequences are played out over three generations of harrowing encounters and unexplained events. While the government lies, and a nation doubts, three families know they have been touched, know that something has been taken from them . . . something that will change their lives forever.

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Based on the gripping ten-part miniseries. . . .

Three people know the truth. Three families will be changed forever.

In the last days of World War II, a strange phenomenon saves a doomed Air Force pilot named Russell Keys—and plunges him into torment. In a place called Roswell, New Mexico, a man named Owen Crawford is drawn to a bizarre crash site in the desert, and into a government cover-up. And in a remote Texas town, a lonely woman named Sally Clarke finds a stranger hiding in her barn, and reaches out to touch him. . . . 


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