Nonfiction Assessment

Deborah Herman

The Assessment:

You will receive a high-level evaluation of your work, which is not the same as a line edit or even a developmental edit. We are looking for certain things that will help you determine your next steps. We are looking for what is right and what needs work. So, you will never receive comments that are disparaging or cruel. We have all been in your place and respect you. When the editor finishes your assessment, you will receive written feedback with examples from your work to explain what we have determined to be potential concerns.

In the written assessment will be instructions on how to improve your book. You will receive follow-up contact from us to determine if you have any questions. We can also consult with you on the next steps and publishing options.

This is the first step toward publishing success for your nonfiction book. Although nonfiction can be sold to publishing houses on the strength of the book proposal, it is vital that the book is properly structured and well-written. This comprehensive nonfiction assessment by professional editors will pinpoint areas of needed improvement. If you are considering submitting your work to agents or publishers or publishing on your own or with Micro Publishing Media, you need this high-level diagnostic. We are a strengths-based editorial service and will help you improve your vision, voice, and execution with an eye toward excellence. Our editors have worked for major publishing houses, are bestselling authors, academics, or literary agents. These professionals have been carefully vetted for your benefit.

We like to combine the nonfiction assessment and follow-up coaching with SEO Keyword Research. Nonfiction books benefit from branding and marketing through content and demographic research. Building your platform at the same time you are writing your book is a wise way to assure success. Ask about our onboarding bundling of services.

Writers Receive Rejections for Things that can Easily be Fixed. Our diagnostic assessment will analyze what is standing in your way.

We have reviewed thousands of query letters, book proposals, and manuscripts and our literary agency sold over 1,000 titles to traditional major publishers. See

Whatever your publishing goals, submission to an agent or publishing house, self-publishing, or seeking to publish with MPM, you need to have your nonfiction book evaluated. We can’t stress that enough, which is why we have lowered the fee for this introductory-level service. Our professional editors will help you move your work to the next level.

What You Get with Your Professional Assessment:

We will tell you what works and needs improvement in your book. The assessment is a high-level evaluation based upon what we see as the most common mistakes made by writers. We can spot them right away because we have seen them all before. While nonfiction differs from what we see in novels, we look for the following:

    • structure
    • clarity
    • clear hook
    • writing style
    • something in it for the clearly defined reader

You will be assigned an appropriate editor who will have up to six weeks to complete your assessment.



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