Books make fabulous gifts for any occasion. The books you find in our store are often hard to find or only found on our site because we publish them. We promote the idea of Support Small businesses and shopping locally. Even though we are an online store, we hope you will come to know us as your local and favorite browsing spot. You can feel how much we love and treasure books by the books we curate for you. Some are not perfect but are chosen for their unique content. If you are buying a book as a gift let us know. We can show you a photo of the product if we see there are imperfections. This occurs in our vintage books but we treat our books like the wonderful items they are. We cover many of our books in Brodart archival protection. Our books make great gifts and believe it or not, the mainstream stores are having difficulty keeping their shelves stocked due to a paper shortage and supply chain issues. So make sure to browse for a unique gift for your loved one or for yourself.