Middle Grade Books are geared for Ages 8-11. Your child might be precocious and reading beyond this level from an educational standpoint, so you might want to look for classics rather than take your chances with more sophisticated modern books.

This category includes school grades 3-6

The length of these books is typically 30-50 thousand words.

The main characters are typically around the age of the reader.

8-11 or a little older or younger, but not by much.

Topics appropriate for middle grade include family, friendships, the main characters’ life, and the world around him or her.
These books will have more external conflict rather than exploring the complications that enter into the next phase of emotional development.
There are clear content restrictions for these books. They do not include profanity, graphic violence, or sexuality.
We examine our books before categorizing so you can be sure our middle reader offerings follow these guidelines.

Children's Middle Grade