Frequently Asked Questions.

01. Books you Publish

Are the books you publish available on other retail sites?

Some of our books are distributed on other retail sites and in your local bookstores. However, when you buy from us, you are supporting small businesses and indie publishing.

The only caveat is whether we have the books in our inventory. Check the stock level. We publish many of our titles in print-on-demand format. This means that they may take longer for you to receive your books. We also have no control over media mail. If you are in a hurry or want the book as a gift for someone, please indicate this in the notes on your order and pay for priority mail.

Please note there has been a very unusual delay in printing certain titles likely due to supply chain issues and staffing due to COVID 19. The entire publishing industry has been affected by this. This is another reason we are so happy selling used titles. We know they are in our inventory. Phew.

02. Shipping Information

What is your Shipping Policy?

We only offer two forms of shipping.
We provide flat-rate media mail at $4.00 per book.
We also offer flat rate priority mail.

If you order more than one book for priority mail will be using a larger flat rate box which will cost a bit more.

At this time, we are unable to fulfill international orders because the shipping is too high. We will find a way to accommodate international orders in the future. If you really want something very badly write to us and we will see if we can make a special arrangement for you.

03. Order Tracking

Can we track our order?

Media Mail is a bargain, but it is not trackable. We are very sorry for this. If you do not receive your book within a reasonable period, please let us know. However, many of our books are one of a kind in our inventory.

Priority mail can be tracked. If you are concerned, this is the better bet for you.
Delivery Information
You will receive an automated email when your order has been fulfilled.

04. Returns Policy

Can We Return Books if We are Not Happy with our Purchase?

We are a small business and prefer not to receive returns. However, we want you to be completely happy with your purchase. We carefully examine every book, but things can pass by unnoticed. Keep in mind many of our books are out of print and hard to find.
They may also be old. The books will show a certain measure of wear, unlike a new book fresh from the printer. However, we try not to let things like writing on pages or tears go unreported. Read the descriptions carefully. Some books are still excellent despite some wear. But if it is entirely unacceptable write to us and we will make good. We want you to be regular customers so don’t hesitate to tell us how we can improve.

05. Loyalty Program

Do you have any special perks for regular customers like a loyalty program?

We don’t have an actual loyalty program but we hope you will set up an account with us and sign up for our newsletter. We will send you announcements of new published titles, events and new finds. We want Deb’s Book Paradise to be your online oasis.