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Why Work With Us

Our CEO Deborah Herman has been a publishing industry insider for over 25 years. Herman began as an author and then a literary agent to learn the business side of how books go from idea to shelves. Through his literary agency, her husband, Jeff Herman, has sold over 1,000 books to traditional publishers, thirteen of which were written by Deborah.  During her time with the agency, Deborah reviewed thousands of submissions, curated titles, and helped develop them for submission to publishers.

Deborah is a bestselling author in her own right aside from having a Juris Doctorate Degree combined with a Masters Degree in Journalism. As if that wasn’t enough, Deborah took advanced MBA level training at Rutgers through their mini MBA program in Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, and Entrepreneurship. In 2015, Deborah branched away from the literary agent side to assist writers in achieving publishing success with a system that works.

Aside from editorial excellence, her clients can expect a complete author branding system and everything needed to present a professional product with the marketing support to bring it to the shelves. The MPM publishing program has many options for actual distribution, including bookstores or direct-to-consumer sales.

If you want professional assistance on your journey to publishing success, you want to work with someone who has been there. Through MPM and Author Branding Solutions, Deborah Herman and her team are the real deal and the only program you need.

Solution One

Intake Strategy Development

We start by getting to know you, your message, and your vision. We combine our knowledge of publishing with digital marketing expertise for a comprehensive plan of action.

solution two

Digital Marketing

We offer a unique approach to Author SEO as the foundation of our digital marketing plan. Everything we do is optimized to bring your readers to you.

Solution Three

Author Websites

Our customized websites are much more than beautiful. They are hubs for the bigger picture of your brand. They are optimized front and back to drive traffic and keep it on your site.

Solution Four

Your Content

While websites are a hub, content marketing is what drives traffic to you. We use your keywords for optimized blogs that get noticed. We also find appropriate outlets for your message.

But you are an author. We offer editorial services with professionals. We can assess your manuscript for readiness whether you want to submit to our publishing program or want to approach traditional agents and editors. Your book project needs to come first as no amount of marketing can make up for a poorly constructed manuscript.

Solution FIVE

Book Design

Nothing spells amateur for an indie author more than a poorly designed cover and interior. We are aligned with experienced professionals who can create an irresistible cover as well as interior. You may want to do a mock up of a cover for your website even as you approach agents and publishers. Professional graphic design will make all the difference.

solution Six

Media Kits

We can create a media kit that will wow anyone. Interviewers are always looking for good guests. We help you create talking points and suggested interview questions to make it easy for the media to love you. They do not have time to read the books sent to them by potential guests. You provide the salient points as well as control the way you want to be perceived. It is a win win. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Solution Seven


Micro Publishing Media is an Indie/Hybrid publisher more aligned with the traditional model. We have real distribution to brick and mortar bookstores with a sales and marketing team behind us. Two times per year our distributor presents our list of selected titles to the book buyers. This is not something self-publishers can do on their own. Many author services companies say they have distribution but what they offer is a passive listing in the wholesale catalogs. We are proactive with your titles and succeed when you succeed.

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