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Get behind the scenes with us and explore the re-use revolution

We hand-select our slightly used often new condition and one-of-a-kind book selections. We treat them with the dignity they deserve. We also publish titles that you can buy through us. These purchases help support sustainable indie publishing. We may be a little guy but our books are HUGE. Deb is not only a lifelong book collector (hoarder) she is the author of 13 traditionally published books. Her most recent is a bestselling memoir written with the youngest member of the Manson Family Cult. Deb’s entire adult life has been spent selecting books for her husband’s literary agency, writing books, publishing books and now selling them to you. By the way, Deb’s first job aside from getting fired from a fast-food restaurant, was at B. Dalton’s Booksellers. Doesn’t that bring you back? 

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Get behind the scenes with us and explore the re-use revolution

Our books stand the test of time. You can find your average bestsellers anywhere especially when the behemoth publishers have big advertising budgets. But we have special books to suit your every mood and need. And our books make great gifts. We may even gift wrap them for you. 

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